The Miniature Project Collections

These collections will each be told in three parts—dark, speculative, and general fiction—will a movement that takes you on a emotional roller coaster. They’ll have around 50 or 60 stories and miniatures a piece. The stories can be anything from poems to advertisements to traditional short stories. There are no rules, as I pitch them out the window when I sit down to write a story for this collection. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before (NOTE: I do so hate saying things like that, but what’s true is true).

What started this whole thing was simply having too many ideas. I’m a spoonie and just can’t write as fast as my brain can come up with things. Sure, most of them are mere nuggets of ideas, but my fingers itched to turn them into something. So I created my purge project. It had many names along the way, but the focus was always the same—get any and all ideas onto the page. Eventually, it became clear they wanted more than that. In came assemblages, miniatures, and even room boxes.

So what’s between the pages of these is pure creative chaos.

The first (We Used To Be Different) has 62 stories. It comes out Friday, October 13th, 2023 (how good, right)?

The second (No One Really Knew Us)? Perhaps another Friday the 13th. March 2026 looks promising, though that doesn’t mean I’m making promises.

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