Janes Standalone Series.

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A fun fact about Janes, OR:

It’s a fictional city I made that’s a little smaller than Portland, OR with the same smaller-than-it-is feel. If you’ve lived in Portland, you know what I mean. If not, here’s an idea: recently, I went to a cold-reading of a play. The author was a woman I was introduced to as a piano player first, writer second. She is, in fact, an author first. She also knows a lot of my writing circle. Beyond that, one of the actresses reading her play and I chatted, and I found out she and a friend of mine have been in the same circus classes for years (think silks in Cirque du Soleil). I find myself constantly saying, “Small world.” Considering how many parts of Portland there are, that’s pretty neat. Strange, but neat.

That’s Janes, in a way. It’s further South, though. I didn’t replace Portland, in my world. One day, I may share my messy map making skills so you can see exactly where I put it in Oregon.