Fleshy’s Restaurant

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Vanessa K.

Boston, MA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


I’d heard about Fleshy’s through the usual forums—if you know, you know. 😉 I made the trip all the way from MA to you know where, and f*** it was worth it.

I’ve been all over the world and tasted a lot of things: antelope, koala, lemur, raccoon, wombat, just to name a few. But WOW. Fleshy’s signature burger is a thing of beauty.

The forums are right, not only about the location, it being worth it, and the long waitlist, but it really is nearly impossible to describe what it tastes like.

The meat has a familiar quality to it, but the seasonings take it to a new level. It’s like trying bear for the first time. I could describe it, or you could just do it yourself.

Oh, and the atmosphere is incredible! The 80s throwback horror vibe is so tongue-in-cheek, it may be worth the drive all by itself


“The pacing is brisk and really kept me guessing about what the flesh is going on!” — Goodreads reviewer

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