Twenty-nine years after finding Laura Hurst in a frozen lake, Ada Bailey is going home to revisit Lynn Pond and confront her past. But Silynn holds more than memories.

Decades-old secrets tumble out as Ada explores the town she was sent away from. Her return dredges up more than sordid pieces of the townsfolk’s lives, though.

Sam Pruette, a collector of innocents, worries Ada may remember details from that frigid day in November of 1988.

Laura was only the first sweetheart.

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I want to share the sixteen–yes, only sixteen–songs I listened to on repeat while writing and editing SWEETHEARTS. As with all things on youtube, seeing and hearing are different. I haven’t watched all of the videos, so again, do so at your own risk. Or just press play while reading and get a glimpse into my process.
*Theme song: Mark’s White–Snowy Day