Twenty-nine years after finding Laura Hurst in a frozen lake, Ada Bailey is going home to revisit Lynn Pond and confront her past. But Silynn holds more than memories.

Decades-old secrets tumble out as Ada explores the town she was sent away from. Her return dredges up more than sordid pieces of the townsfolk’s lives, though.

Sam Pruette, a collector of innocents, worries Ada may remember details from that frigid day in November of 1988.

Laura was only the first sweetheart.

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I want to share the sixteen–yes, only sixteen–songs I listened to on repeat while writing and editing SWEETHEARTS. As with all things on youtube, seeing and hearing are different. I haven’t watched all of the videos, so again, do so at your own risk. Or just press play while reading and get a glimpse into my process.
*Theme song: Mark’s White–Snowy Day

  • My blond hair lies on the bed Colette cut it and died my hair brown. I take on a new identity one where I can decide and feel love,fear,anger,and sadness I can feel human because feeling pain feeling emotions is being humans being happy and naive is only pretending to be human by marissa lutz
  • Laura Makabresku
  • Laura Makabresku
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  • Snowflake closeup
  • Turn That Winter Frown Upside Down
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  • Jean Noir - Male Portrait - Men - Fashion - Photography - Editorial - Masculine - Style - Edgy #MensFashionPhotography
  • hair hairstyles artsy photo ponytail curly ginger brown shorthair pretty girl photography style aesthetic cool fashion outfit clothes grunge makeup glitter festival inspo arthoe selfie female girly ootd artsy blonde brunette style long
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  • Ömrün, saçların kadar uzun ve güzel olsun, dedi adam giderken. Ve kadın saçlarını bir daha hiç uzatmadı.! Cemal Süreya
  • Elif Sanem Karakoç color!! especially with the green shirt!