I Never Stopped Autographed Paperback


An autographed paperback copy of I Never Stopped, a magical realism romance novel, signed to the person or persons of your choice.

Francesca works to heal from the loss of her girlfriend, Sloane, while Sloane tries to connect from The Gray in this romantic ghost story.



In her powerful debut magical realism novel, Elizabeth Mitchell crafts a story of palpable love and longing. With deft language that engages readers’ hearts,¬†I Never Stopped¬†explores grief, loss, and the many stages of healing.

Francesca’s partner-her everything-is dead. After eleven months of listless grief, Francesca leaves Sloane’s memory in San Francisco to visit Italy and her mother. Surrounded by fresh pasta, never-ending wine, and laughter, she finds moments of solace. When Francesca meets Cecelia-a complex love interest, she begins to picture a future without Sloane.

Unbeknownst to Francesca, Sloane can’t let go. Trapped in the mysterious afterlife of The Gray, she’s desperate to contact her love, but limited by forces she doesn’t understand. Though Francesca is so near Sloane can almost smell her hair, she’s always just out of reach. As Francesca’s wounds begin to heal in Italy, Sloane struggles with how her presence may affect Francesca’s tenuous new life.

Can Francesca start a new life in Italy, and will Cecelia be a part of it? And what will become of Sloane?


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