I’ve been obsessed with small things since I was one myself.

It started with a sabbatical. I needed to clear my head, so I started writing short stories and poems to get ideas that wouldn’t quiet on the page. Each seemed to need more. They weren’t novels, though.

It only makes sense that my love of miniatures would slowly eek its way into my life in the way that it has. I’ve done crafts in other ways (representing my books and just because). This was so natural, it barely felt new.

I use everything from trash to a 3d-printer to make my visions come to life. My hands don’t always work, so having a ton of options allows me to really push the boundaries of what I could do alone. Some projects take minutes, others months, but that’s another thing I love about it. Like novels, they take the time they take. I can’t rush them. I get to enjoy the ride.


The deal is this: I make things connected to my novels and stories. Well, most of the time. Sometimes, I make pieces inspired by other people’s work too.

Want to see them? I have some here on my website.

And there are even more on my Instagram!

*I had an instagram specifically dedicated to them (and so there are some fun things to check out there too), but it became too tiresome to maintain both. Besides, I am a creative first and foremost. My miniatures go hand-in-hand with my writing, so I want to share them with those who love my books, let them see inside my head.

I hope you enjoy them! They are just another way I show my love of story and creativity.