Greyson saves souls. At least he tries to.

When one woman, Rebecca, refuses to believe Greyson, he’s forced to take her to Perdomus, an underworld of everlasting darkness and beings that shouldn’t exist. Visions are one thing, but walking through the city where lost souls are trapped could convince any skeptic, right? Rebecca’s choice matters more than she can begin to comprehend, as it’s not even her soul on the line this time.

Emery, the stealer of souls, has his eye on someone close to Rebecca. She has to believe Greyson and be willing to change or pay a price she can’t even begin to understand. As the Future Walk unfolds, Emery’s souls try to ensnare Rebecca. Acting on his behalf, they bespell her and hold her captive in Perdomus.

Greyson begrudgingly asks a brilliant spellcaster to undo magic of unknown proportions. Luckily, she comes with help in the way of two men-children and a bookworm with neon green hair. Greyson, who keeps himself at arm’s length of most human emotions, finds himself feeling a lot more than usual.

Creating the potion to unspell Rebecca won’t be as easy as he’d hoped, however. Their search for ingredients takes them all over: from other planes of existence to the run-down home of a warlock.

After all, he has many more souls to save.