The Cirque, an adult magical realism novel, has gone through many lives since its first conception almost 7 years ago. At first, it had an identity crisis. Then, it wasn’t sure what age group would like it best. Now, it’s focused, dark, and excited to be finished.


Jared Agard, the author of Living Bones–currently with agents–drew this incredible image of Marcellus from an exercise I did at a workshop.


Sort of Interesting fact:

When E. was in 10th grade, she was told to write a biography that told nothing about her, yet everything all at once. Below is what she wrote, and no editing has been done since. With that one paragraph, The Cirque was created, though she wouldn’t realize it for many years.


I’m about 2 feet tall 90% of the time, due to the shattered bones, and bruised emotions, yet I stay radiantly beautiful. I’m sad girl on the inside and an electric one on the outside. I’ve been locked in cages with lions, tigers, and beasts for as long as I can remember. I’ve been displayed next to the bearded woman and the strongest man alive, forced to walk on a tightrope with fire burning below and swallow nails and glass. To say the least I loathe humanity and the stares I get day after day. I pray for the rain to drive the audience away, so that I may have a moment to myself. The ring leader is a vicious, evil man with a sharp blade. When I was found, half dead, he performed surgery to replace my beating heart with a steel imitation. One day I’ll run away and reunite with happiness, until then I’ll stay in this pathetic state at this horrid place.