Greyson saves souls, or at least he tries to. When he’s sent on an unusual case–a woman meant save another’s soul, rather than her own–he finds himself dealing with a non-believer. He’s tasked to take her on a Future Walk to Perdomus, an underworld of everlasting darkness and beings that shouldn’t exist. When lost souls interfere, Greyson has to begrudgingly ask the assistance of a brilliant spellcaster to untangle magic of unknown proportions. She comes equipped with two men-children warlocks and a bookworm voodoo assistant who gets to him in a way no one ever has. As his day unfolds, he changes in ways he isn’t prepared to deal with and begins to realize that one soul may be more important than he’d originally thought.

Perdomus Soul Saver Logo - E Mitchell Writes

 GREYSON is a standalone novel, though there are three other books planned in the Perdomus series.